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review Kao Nam Na Boutique Resort
review Kao Nam Na Boutique Resort
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Review Gillian Schofield : Visit: 2014-12-29 - Update : 2015-01-13
This is a very peaceful and relaxing resort. I was very well looked after. All meals were excellent and I received wonderful service. The resort is a little hidden away but that only adds to the charm. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by Gillian Schofield: Room 4 / Service 4 / Facilities 4 / Location 4 / Reservation 4 : Total Rate : review Kao Nam Na Boutique Resortby Gillian Schofield
Booking on : Good
Review SongYee Han : Visit: 2012-09-30 - Update : 2012-10-03
Kao Nam Na is a beautiful resort itself although the location is quite far from downtown. So you can enjoy calm and exotic atmosphere with old Thai style house. But general management is very poor, I think. They never answered my email or phone calls. My tour guide also called several times for two days, but only when we nearly arrived there, we could talk to reception. So i worried much whether the resort is open or run now. The staff cannot understand English at all and the beautiful restaurant serves only some limited menu. They have their own transportation to downtownof Knachanaburi, but the cost is too high(1,000Baht)!! So I think no one can visit or stay there easily without fear of isolation if not rent a car. That s why we were the only guests stayed there the end od September, I guess. I think the resort could be managed better and attract more tourists if the owner has will and mind. was the only website where I could find and book the Kao Nam Na. But the reaort itself is lovely and has beautiful scenery. So I hope it could become better place to more people to stay. P.S. All the electicity sockets in the room are too loose to fit plugs, so we had difficulty to chare phones. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by SongYee Han: Room 5 / Service 1 / Facilities 4 / Location 3 / Reservation : Total Rate : review Kao Nam Na Boutique Resortby SongYee Han
Booking on : shows exellent, accurate and prompt service and response to all my requests. The hotel rate was also good. Thanks.

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