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เสม็ดคลิฟ รีสอร์ท Hotel Koh Samet Thailand Booking Review

รีวิวห้องพักที่ เสม็ดคลิฟ รีสอร์ท เกาะเสม็ด ซึ่งเป็นห้องพักชั้นนำ ใน เกาะเสม็ด สุดยอดที่พักสุดหรู ห้องพักยอดนิยมสำหรับนักท่องเที่ยวที่ผ่านมาที่ เกาะเสม็ด กับความคิดเห็นจากผู้เข้าพักที่นี่ เพื่อให้คุณได้ตัดสินใจจองห้องพักราคาสุดประหยัด และรับส่วนลดพิเศษ 45-75% เมื่อสำรองที่พักล่วงหน้ากับเรา. ตรวจสอบห้องพักว่าง และราคาห้องพักได้ทันที มีห้องพักแน่นอน

review Samed Cliff Resort
review Samed Cliff Resort
Booking Koh Samet 84.06 84.06 US$
Booking  2702 2702 THB

เสม็ดคลิฟ รีสอร์ท เกาะเสม็ด

ตั้งอยู่ที่ Samet Island Koh Samet, Rayong 21160
โรงแรม รีสอร์ท เกาะเสม็ด ( Koh Samet, Noi Na Beach )
ราคาห้องพักเริ่มต้นที่ 2702 THB, 84.06 US, 71.34 EUR
ห้องพักอยู่ในระดับ : Samed Cliff Resort ราคานี้ได้รวมอาหารเช้าแล้ว
Review JAN ALGOT GRIPMAR : Visit: 2018-03-29 - Update : 2018-04-01
Fantastic place, we really enjoyed every minute of our stay. Nice rooms, great staff and very tasty breakfast. Not to forget to spectacular view of the sea!
Score by JAN ALGOT GRIPMAR: Room 5 / Service 5 / Facilities 5 / Location 5 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby JAN ALGOT GRIPMAR
Review Mathias Beckers : Visit: 2015-06-07 - Update : 2015-06-10
Score by Mathias Beckers: Room 4 / Service 4 / Facilities 3 / Location 4 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Mathias Beckers
Booking on : Perfect. No problems at all
Review Bertram lambert : Visit: 2014-09-10 - Update : 2014-10-21
Although situated at the northern end of the island the resort is only a short distance from the main town centre by motorbike. Rooms were very clean with spectacular views and a beautiful sandy beach to ourselves. Staff were great while not being over- bearing and the food when we ate at the resort was lovely. It s not cheap by Thai standards but about right by Island prices. All in all I would recommend this resort to anyone! [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by Bertram lambert: Room 5 / Service 5 / Facilities 5 / Location 5 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Bertram lambert
Booking on : As usual the booking service was fast and efficient.
Review Dai Yan : Visit: 2014-07-05 - Update : 2014-07-08
Good staff, location a little far away from downtown. But excellent natural environment suitable for relax trip without noisy sound.
Score by Dai Yan: Room 5 / Service 5 / Facilities 5 / Location 5 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Dai Yan
Review Thomas Santeler : Visit: 2014-06-23 - Update : 2014-06-26
Location a little far from center. Nice room and garden.
Score by Thomas Santeler: Room 4 / Service 4 / Facilities 3 / Location 3 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Thomas Santeler
Booking on : Very good+++
Review ARVIN JONATHAN SANCHEZ : Visit: 2014-02-16 - Update : 2014-02-19
The resort was okay. It had a good size pool, which was clean and clear. Room size was okay, and maintained well. The restaurant needed a bit of character, as it looked very ordinary or not well-thought of. And the beach front was too narrow. If the restaurant was moved further back, it could have been so much better. But overall, it was okay
Score by ARVIN JONATHAN SANCHEZ: Room 4 / Service 3 / Facilities 3 / Location 4 / Reservation 3 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby ARVIN JONATHAN SANCHEZ
Booking on : Pretty reliable. Although more information about getting to Koh Samed, parking the vehicle, and other details would have helped a lot.
Review Evgeniy : Visit: 2014-02-16 - Update : 2014-02-19
We stayed at this hotel for 4 days in February 2014. Unfortunately there wasn t nice weather but we enjoyed our staying much. The sea is two steps walking from accommodation. The room is big enough, clean and has a good terrace with wonderful seaside view. There are lots of greens around. The stuff is polite. Probably the weaknesses of the hotel are no wi-fi connection and TV (only 3 Thai channels). I strongly recommend the hotel for those who s traveling with family, kids and looking for a quiet place.
Score by Evgeniy: Room 4 / Service 4 / Facilities 5 / Location 5 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Evgeniy
Review Helmut bachmeir : Visit: 2014-01-19 - Update : 2014-01-22
Have no wifi in year 2014 at room ?????? The Restaurant very expensive !!
Score by Helmut bachmeir: Room 5 / Service 3 / Facilities 3 / Location 2 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Helmut bachmeir
Review Stephen Thomas : Visit: 2014-01-17 - Update : 2014-01-20
The resort looks nice enough & the pool is nice, rooms are ok, but it is a little far from the restaurant area & the road is abysmal. No cable tv, so no English speaking channel - a DVD player would have been great as there is not much to keep you out on Koh Samet. No hair dryer in room or available from resort made it a drama for my girlfriend. Overall I was not too unhappy (or impressed) but the breakfast is NOT worth waking up for unless you wake at 6.30 when it might be fresh & hot. Once made it sits in cold trays until breakfast is over. If it runs out early they do not make more & freezing cold fried eggs is not the best way to start the day. Very Thai oriented breakfast, which is fine, but so cold - they have heaters under each tray but never lit. After 1 breakfast we started eating out. Had to leave 3 days early due to hair dryer issue (women!)
Score by Stephen Thomas: Room 3 / Service 2 / Facilities 2 / Location 2 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Stephen Thomas
Booking on : Easy & quick - no problems at all:)
Review Liz : Visit: 2014-01-14 - Update : 2014-01-22
Not value for money. We stayed in S4, a 2 bedroom studio, not sure what tea/coffee making facilities meant, we got a water boiler with nowhere to plug it it, couldn t get hot water in bathroom to work, both A/C were very old and noisey, would have been better to have an optional fan. Sat TV is a joke 4 channels. A bad smell outside the room, alot of old dumped rubbish (ie old toilets etc) behind room. Breakfast was revolting, aimed at whom? too bland for locals and western attempts shocking Other food dismal and expensive. Towel, swimwear and slippers all missing from outside room at night. Pool was good though.
Score by Liz: Room 2 / Service 2 / Facilities 2 / Location 3 / Reservation 3 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Liz
Review Natalie Kim Novak : Visit: 2014-01-04 - Update : 2014-01-08
A really nice resort on the quiet side of the island. It´s possible to walk in the next town. The bungalow was like the pictures are, clean and with a beautiful sight on the sea. The restaurant is ok for breakfast, but not really good for dinner or lunch. But it´s possible to eat in the restaurants next to the resort.
Score by Natalie Kim Novak: Room 5 / Service 4 / Facilities 3 / Location 4 / Reservation 4 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Natalie Kim Novak
Review Jitendra Khare : Visit: 2013-11-26 - Update : 2013-12-09
Great people and great rooms. The only problem is the distance from stores for day to day items
Score by Jitendra Khare: Room 5 / Service 4 / Facilities 4 / Location 3 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Jitendra Khare
Review Clemens Marliani : Visit: 2013-07-19 - Update : 2013-07-28
Been there during low season - I guess this is an important fact since there are very few customers and all over the island the renovation phase is on. Samed Cliff has nice and clean cottages, friendly staff, small breakfast, no dinner/restaurant, nice beach in front, quite close to the main pier (also own speedboat pier). We rented a moto bike down the road and where very happy to get around the island. Roads on the island are very rough. So we were happy to have our hotel quite close to the main pier and discover remote beaches on day trips. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by Clemens Marliani: Room 5 / Service 3 / Facilities 4 / Location 5 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Clemens Marliani
Review Isabell Jardhammar : Visit: 2013-04-12 - Update : 2013-04-16
This resort does have a lot of potential. Everything looked really nice but with some exeptions due to rebuilding. We stayed in a mini suite 2 bedroom, it was great, mini-fridge and a clean bathroom. The pool was a really good compliment to the smaller sized beach. The staff was really friendly and helpful but they did not know much english. I would recommend this resort if you want a more relaxed and quiet vacation. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by Isabell Jardhammar: Room 3 / Service 3 / Facilities 4 / Location 4 / Reservation 4 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Isabell Jardhammar
Booking on : The booking service was pretty useful when we hade to make a change in our booking since the resort staff did not understand english very well.
Review Michael Strandby : Visit: 2013-03-29 - Update : 2013-04-08
Very nice and quietly place. Friendly and helpful staff at the resort. Place is recommended.
Score by Michael Strandby: Room 4 / Service 4 / Facilities 3 / Location 5 / Reservation 4 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Michael Strandby
Review Mr & Mrs Lundvall : Visit: 2013-01-02 - Update : 2013-01-07
A little pearl on the island! A peaceful place for a perfect holiday. Really nice hotel with an own little beach. The water is clear and clean. A own pier for speedboats. Really comfortable for transports to and from the island! Good price for the hotel!! The room/house are clean and nice. Cleaning every day with new clean towels. You can get beachtowels in the reception. Sunbeds and sunchairs on the beach. Good breakfast. Fresh food and good cooking. The prices are ok and not to expensive. Location is close to the town with shopping and restaurants. You should hire a motorbike for the freedom to transportation. The roads on the island are almost nonexistent, but the road between town and hotel are ok. you can hire a motorbike from 100-250 bath/day. The staff are very serviceminded and nice. The superintendent and thereceptionist are speeking good english and are fixing the best for the guests. Some of the staff do not speak english. The pool is big enought to take a swim. Clean water and poolarea. Nice garden. Some noice from the road, but nothing that was disturbing. We loved this place and would love to come back to Samed Cliff Resort and Koh Samet! [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by Mr & Mrs Lundvall: Room 4 / Service 5 / Facilities 4 / Location 5 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Mr & Mrs Lundvall
Booking on : Just perfect!
Review Delourme : Visit: 2013-01-02 - Update : 2013-01-06
WE spent a few days in this resort and it was fine. It is really well situated and the bedrooms are clean and big whih is really comfortable. It is well located in the island. We recommend it really Just the breakfast is a little bit poor and not very good...
Score by Delourme: Room 5 / Service 4 / Facilities 3 / Location 4 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Delourme
Booking on : Easy simple
Review Merja Helena Kansi : Visit: 2012-12-29 - Update : 2013-01-03
First impression was pretty negative on our arrival, the beach was narroved between the fishing boats and a not so nice-pier next to hotel, the lovely bungalows made the feelings rise up to holiday level. Limited swimming area is never attractive but understandable due safety reasons among speed boats. The resort is updating the services by building a confrence center, I see that updating the combined reception and restaurant will bring more value sooner. The resort is the most undeveloped one of 5 other resorts on this northern cost, having also the emptiest restaurant in the evenings. Just small simple ideas such as candles on tables will make a big change. Nice wooden tables needs proper cleaning, just swiping the dust is not enough, some lack or vax treatment makes wonders too. Arranging the tables in more inviting way, combining the furniture of same kind in stead of a mixture of wood, plastic, metal, cement, different tables and by removing the side tables for drying plates etc is nothing a guest wants to look at. Making all that basic things you ll get a lot more profit. For even more attraction, why not move the first row of sunbeds in the evening and arrange small intimate tables for a candlelight dinner on the beach? A big positive point is that this restauranrt is the only one without tax and service ++ add-ons, pls keep it so if possible as a normal tourist will note that very quickly as all restaurants on this area had meal rates much higher than average or rates in the main village. If staying longer, a rental of something on wheals is recommended! [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by Merja Helena Kansi: Room 5 / Service 5 / Facilities 3 / Location 3 / Reservation 5 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Merja Helena Kansi
Booking on : Good, quickly replies and flexibility, thank you ms Bow and staff! Also the lady in the receptions earns a big thank.
Review Lim Sue Feng : Visit: 2012-12-29 - Update : 2013-01-01
Mini Suite is clean and neat. There is a daily room cleanup during your breakfast session. Quite nice to have tidy room after breakfast with fresh towel supplied. There is no tea facilities in the room so those with baby or toddler advised to bring own kettle. The staff are very helpful. The pace is slow and relaxing so do not expect lot of activities at night. Lot of Lizards are common at night. Room S2 is jus above the laundry and workers room and also bedrooms are slightly smaller but you get bigger balcony. Room S4 to S8 are on the highest level in a row unless you don t mind the walking of stairs (daily exercise!). The renovated pool is nice except there are some incompleted works with metal rod sticking out, those with kids need to take note unless they have cement over it. Own pier so take the speedboat which is faster (10mins) cost 2000B per way. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Score by Lim Sue Feng: Room 4 / Service 3 / Facilities 3 / Location 3 / Reservation 4 : Total Rate : review Samed Cliff Resortby Lim Sue Feng
Booking on : Fast and reliable.

Samed Cliff Resort Samet Island เสม็ดคลิฟ รีสอร์ท เกาะเสม็ด
Samet Island Koh Samet, Rayong 21160
ที่พักในเกาะเสม็ด Koh Samet, Noi Na Beach
ราคาห้องพักเริ่มต้น 2702 THB, 84.06 US, 71.34 EUR
ห้องพักระดับ Samed Cliff Resort ราคานี้รวมค่าอาหารเช้าแล้ว

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